Weekly Wight Log & Journal

This morning I weighed in at 153.8, up 1.2 pounds from last week. I cooked 5 out of 7 nights last week also, but this week will not be so good because we ate out more over the long weekend.

I am not really worrying too much about my weight. I want to get feeling better before anything else. Feeling good is my number one priority at this point.

The phantom smell went away after a few days, but now it is back. I figured out that it is triggered by strong smells, at least sometimes. We went to the casino on Monday and it has a strong smoky smell, and that seemed to trigger it.

The casino is about the only place that smoking is allowed in the state of Kansas. I don't get why because it is against the law to smoke indoors anywhere else, even bars. Must be some sort of loophole, but I don't like going there for that very reason. We did leave with $55 more than we went with, so that was nice. Of course we were only there, like, 20 minutes. We took the money and ran!

I am on day 38 without a period, which is weird because my cycle used to run about 23 days. I am not sure if it is the Levothyroxine that is causing that or if I am menopausal. I do feel cramp-y, so that sucks. I plan on asking the doctor if she can figure out if I am indeed starting to go through menopause. I would like to know, especially so I can give my husband the heads up. He is so good to me, so I make a conscience effort to not get grumpy with him when I am feeling like crap.

I am excited that one week from today I will go see the new doctor. Hopefully she tells me that we need to up the dosage of the Levothyroixine, because I am still getting hives and not feeling good a lot. The only downside is that Levothyroxine seems to give me heartburn and an upset stomach for a while after I take it. I am hoping that will go away at some point.

This is me weekly weight log and journal about how I am feeling and what is going on in my life and how I am coping with copd and Hypothyroidism.




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