Weekly Weight Log and Journal

This morning my weight was 152.0. This is down .8 form last week, woot! woot! I am completely surprised that I lost any weight at all. This past week was kinda rough, even though I managed to cook dinnner 5 nights in a row! That was quite the accomplishment, especially since I haven't been feeling as good as I had hoped.

Also with Father's Day being Sunday, we splurged over the weekend with strawberry sweet rolls, Freddy's Frozen Custard for dessert, and eating out. Summertime is difficult because we are running around a lot and tend to eat out more.

In other news.....these hives just will not give it up! Just when I think they are getting better, bam!, I wake up with them in my mouth, among other places, and they are making an appearance just whenever. I was down to getting just the smaller ones, but this week the large ones are back. Those are the ones that actually make my skin hurt, after they itch like crazy and I scratch, that is.

I also had a 24 hour period from late Saturday to late Sunday that I sneezed uncontrollably, a lot. I would sneeze 5 or 6 times in a row, (and I did this many, many times) had watery eyes and a runny nose. It has been a while since I have had that happen.

I get heartburn more now than I ever did. I think it is due to the Hypothyroidism because it started before I started taking the Levothyroxine, but after the symptoms started.

Overall I feel better now that I am on the meds, but I am hoping to feel even better when I get the proper dosage of the Levothyroxine figured out. I can't wait to go to a new doctor on the 12th of July. I am hoping that I will become more informed about my conditions.

My weekly weight and journal of how I am feeling. Updates of my weight, what I ate this week and my COPD and Hypothyroidism.

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