My Weight Is Like A Roller Coaster!

Weight was never an issue for me until after I quit smoking the year I turned 40. It's never too late to quit smoking, but I would suggest doing it earlier as opposed to later, for many reasons.

It probably didn't help that we (my husband quit at the same time as I did) rewarded ourselves with pie a lot. We would say "we haven't had a cigarette in X number of days, so let's go get some pie", and off we would go to the store to buy pie and ice cream, or cheesecake, or whatever sweet treat that caught our eye. We didn't just get a piece, we would get a whole pie, or cake.

The weight gain was slow, when I quit smoking in June 2009 I weighed about 115 lbs. (I am 5'1"), and by December I weighed about 140ish. By the next December I was pushing 160, and I was starting to feel uncomfortable.

Coincidentally, this is when I started noticing the COPD symptoms. You could hear my lungs whistle from across the room and it started to become laborious to walk anywhere in a hurry. Putting my shoes on was even difficult and cutting and polishing my toenails was quite challenging.

So in January 2011 I started controlling what I ate and exercising with the Wii fit. By June I had got down to around 140 lbs. Unfortunately, this was short-lived. I went back to my old way of eating, and quit exercising, (I still don't care for exercising) and put the weight back on, plus 5 pounds.

So by that time I was pushing 165 pounds and feeling like crap. I think it was around March or so of 2012 when I saw this infomercial that said a person could "eat what you want and still lose weight". Well, not exactly. It was the Food Lovers Fat Loss System and while you could eat some of what you wanted, you couldn't go get a cheeseburger and fries. This program was all about eating certain foods together and controlling portions. It was doable so I stayed on that program for a while. Saturday was my "cheat" day and I would have dessert, and/or that cheeseburger and fries. I lost weight over the course of 6 or 8 months and got down to about 140 pounds, again.

But this too was short-lived. I kept the weight off for probably close to a year and then I started putting the weight back on again. By July 2015 I was back up to 165 pounds, AGAIN. It seemed to be a pattern, get down to around 140 pounds and then put it all back on. Every time I realized that I was back up to 160 (or higher) I would wish that I could start this weight loss journey at the 140 pounds I had been the two previous times after I had already lost the weight.

In July 2015 I decided, again, that I would lose some weight. This time I thought I would approach it differently. I had seen a cooking show on PBS where the host had an 80/20 philosophy. Eighty percent of her diet would be healthy foods and 20 percent would be indulgences. I thought, "now this I can do".

Again I started losing the weight and again I got down to 145ish. And in only 4 months!  I even made it through the holidays. See, I hadn't felt good in probably  6 months or a year. I kept telling my husband that the COPD was really taking it out of me. I felt sore and my joints were achy. I was always constipated and just felt like crap.

Weight was never an issue with me until after I quit smoking the year I turned 40. Since then my weight has been a roller coaster.
This is my weight log. I compiled it by visiting the patient portal on my doctors website. It is missing a lot of information, but you can see it is indeed like a roller coaster.

Then in late February of this year (2016) I got hives. All over my body! The really big ones on my torso, smaller ones on my legs, tons of them, I even had them in my mouth and on my tongue. I would wake up in the morning and my eyes would be swollen from them being there too. No part of my body seems to be exempt from these damn things. And again I am putting the weight back on.

In May I learned, after the dermatologist ordered blood work to check my thyroid, that I am Hypothyroid. I have been taking Levothyroxine since May 12th, and while I still have some hives and other symptoms, I am starting to feel some relief.

When I weighed this morning I was 152.8 pounds. I really can't tell you if I am gaining again because of the Hypothyroidism directly, or if is because we are eating out way more than we were. I just don't feel like cooking some nights. I am hoping that as I feel better I will cook more and I can get back to the 80/20 type of program that was working.

I am lucky that I have a husband that cares about me and has shown me his loyalty no matter what my size is. He has always told me how beautiful and "hot" he thinks I am and that has never changed. Even when I was 165 pounds.

I care about my weight because of the way it makes me feel, physically and mentally. I do not care what other people think about it.

Weight was never an issue with me until after I quit smoking the year I turned 40. Since then my weight has been a roller coaster.


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