Hypothyroidism:The Diagnosis

After a 10 week bout with Chronic Urticaria (hives) my family physician referred me to a dermatologist. She told me there was only about a 10% chance that they would be able to find a cause for the hives, which was disturbing. She told me to take 4 Claritin a day to keep the hives under control. Well, that didn't work, so I was back in her office about 10 days later.

She asked whether anyone had checked my thyroid, and I told her no. Finally we were looking to at least rule out some underlying causes for the hives. I had tried to get my family physician to check me for something. I emailed him a list of my symptoms, they included; sore joints, feeling cold and not being able to warm up, constipation, fatigue, obviously the hives, and irregular periods, to name the most predominant symptoms. He emailed me back and could explain a reason for each symptom individually. I had asked him to look at all of the symptoms as parts of a whole, but he seemed to have an explanation of each symptom by itself, even though his reasons didn't really make sense.

I can't tell you how relieved I was when the nurse from the dermatologist's office called to tell me that I had Hypothyroidism and that was the cause for the hives. She faxed the test results to my family doctor and he put me on Levothyroxine . I have been on the lowest dose possible for 29 days and I am pretty sure that I will have to take the next dose up, because while the Levothroxine has helped some of the symptoms to lessen, I still have hives. I have had chronic hives constantly for about 18 weeks now.

Needless to say I have an appointment with a new family physician as well as an endocrinologist, so that I can get better general care and also to understand Hypothyroidism, what caused it, and how to better take care of myself now that I know what it is.

I will update this article after I go back to the doctor.

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